How to win back all your patients, create more opportunities to treat more implant patients and ensure that you thrive after COVID-19 We are living in the most challenging of times and the chances are the economy is going to get tougher in the coming months, with this in mind it is never been more important than ever to become more pro-active in your Dental Practice, get patients through the door and ensuring that we can convince the patients that Implant treatment is right for them.

Learning points:

  • Why a Pro-active mind-set is crucial to succeed in these turbulent times and how to create this for yourself and your team
  • Learn how to re-kindle old treatment plans and get more patients coming back into your Practice for Implant and other treatments
  • What needs to be said to be ensure that your patient feel safe and are happy to come back to your Practice
  • Look at the different methods of communicating to your patients so that they have a positive feel about your Practice, and they want to return to have treatment with you
  • Develop more self- confidence and develop a more positive attitude of success and accomplishment for the whole team, why this is essential to not only survive, but thrive
  • Discover the one major secret on why some Dentists are more successful than others and how they will need to operate in future months
  • How to ensure that charge the correct fees for our treatments and that we don’t play the race to the bottom